Statutory Accounts

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These are the Accounts that you are obliged to produce for every financial period (generally a 12 month period). These Accounts must be produced using a prescribed format as laid down by company law.

How it Works

Process of Producing Statutory Accounts

Your book-keeping and management accounts will be maintained during the financial year, and at the end of the year the process of producing Statutory Accounts for that period in the format required will be completed.


Year End Adjustments

All necessary year end adjustments will be made to the Accounts.


CRO and B1

An abridged version of the Accounts will be produced which will be filed with the Companies Registration office (CRO), along with your Annual Return (B1).



Extracts from the Accounts will be included in the limited company’s annual Corporation Tax Return (CT1), which will be submitted to the Revenue Commissioners.


We Take Care Of It All!

When you run your business via a limited company all of the above is obligatory and we can take care of it all, and ensure that you remain fully compliant with the Companies Registration Office (CRO) and the Revenue Commissioners.