Management Reporting

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We translate the raw data that you submit into meaningful information!

Management Reporting is the means by which we translate the raw data that you submit to us on a regular basis, into meaningful information that can be used by you to make decisions in your business.

In larger corporations the standard reporting cycle is monthly, though 2-monthly, quarterly and 6-monthly are also widely used reporting cycles.

The main purpose of the Management Reports produced is to provide you with timely, accurate and relevant information, which gives you an overview of the ongoing performance of your business.

How it Works

We Complete Your Book-Keeping

We will complete your book-keeping on a regular basis (assuming that you have a VAT-registered business, the minimum interval for this is every 2 months).


Your Business Performance

We will use sophisticated reporting software to analyse the business performance at regular intervals.


Key Indicators of Your Business Performance

This will involve the production of periodic detailed Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet and numerous KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) as well as accounting ratios and other key indicators of business performance.


Make Informed decisions!

Our job is to present this information to you in a manner which is useful and meaningful to you, so that you can use it to make informed decisions in your business.