Cashflow Forecasting

Lady looking at her cashflow

If ever there was a time when the cliché ‘Cash is King’ was proven to be true, then 2020 was that time.

The global pandemic COVID-19 forced the abrupt closure of the majority of businesses in early 2020, and the stark reality of the abiding power of cash was laid bare.

Those businesses that had little or no cash reserves had no back-up plan, and their vulnerability became apparent all too quickly.

The most immediate need for most business owners was to get a grip on their cashflow so that they could get some visibility on their ability to weather the storm.

As such, the necessity for every business to have a handle on their cashflow became apparent on widespread basis – it is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’, but rather, a ‘must-have’.

How it Works

Plan For The Future!

We will prepare a rolling 3-way forecast which gives you full visibility on your cashflow, so that you can safely plan for the future in your business, without having to worry about running out of cash.


What If Your Funding Needs Change?

Should your funding needs change, and you want to apply to lending institutions you will be required by them to produce a 3-way forecast incorporating a Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet and Cashflow Forecast.


Sophisticated Forecasting Software

We use sophisticated forecasting software which integrates with your Accounting software. This process is far too important to be carried out manually using spreadsheets, a process that is very open to human error, and does not lend itself to being updated on an ongoing basis. Spreadsheets were revolutionary in their time, but modern technology has overtaken them.


We can map out various scenarios!

No more ‘finger in the air’ and hope for the best when making crucial decisions in your business. We can map out various scenarios and answer those ‘what-if’ questions when it comes to your cashflow, which is the fuel that runs your business.