Accounting Systems Analysis

Business ladies discussing business charts

For me, accounting is easy. But then again, I have only been honing my skills for the past 25 years!

The most important thing to do in any endeavour is to set up the right foundations from the start; after that it’s a matter of following the process.

This is how I see accounting – put the correct systems in place from the get-go which will ensure that the flow of information is correctly channelled and captured.

How it Works


I will review your current accounting processes including all the spreadsheets you keep (just in case), and all the little things that you currently do to pull your figures together.



I will assess the actual processes and systems requirements based on your specific business.



I will document my recommendations for the most efficient processes and systems to be adopted.



I will carry out the implementation of those processes and systems. This will always be with the goal to automate as much as possible, and to remove inefficient unnecessary manual processes.